A high-quality early childcare program can foster the development of infants and toddlers, a process that can set the stage for the rest of their lives.  Research shows that children develop most rapidly in the infant-toddler stage and need to be stimulated in a developmentally-appropriate environment.  Trained caregivers can attend to all aspects of a child’s development.  Research also proves that “early childhood is a time when infants and toddlers acquire many skills needed to become productive, happy adults” (Do Early Years Matter, 1).  Children who are in high quality centers acquire higher-level skills such as problem-solving and a motivation to learn.  Our goal is not to just make children smarter, but to support their development, give them a sense of self, and provide a foundation of learning for the rest of their lives.  Parents may benefit by participating in a community that promotes the well-being of their child and provides resources to let families know how they can help with their child’s development.